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A primary consistency test for saturated liquid and vapour property data for use in the integral multiphysics modelling of chemical reactor venting

Application of Safety Measures

Characteristic Numbers

Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR)

Desktop methods - CHETAH

Screening Methods

Stoessel Diagram

Thermal unstable substances

Resources / Downloads

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An Introduction to Fire Dynamics

Enclosure Fire Dynamics

European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology (EA-OHP))

Fire Safety Engineering Research & Technology Centre at Ulster University

Pan-American Standards Commission site (COPANT)

Reproductive accuracy of generic Omega Parameter safety valve two phase critical mass flow models based on water and refrigerant R134a data

Research projects

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Burning rate and thermal distribution on fires of hydrocarbon stores
Burning rate and thermal distribution on fires of hydrocarbon stores.

The Centre for Combustion and Energy is an interdisciplinary group who's aims are to promote a greater understanding of Combustion Science through coordinated research and a Masters level degree programme. Founded in 1967, and building on traditions

The project aim to improve the understanding of the processes that occur in accidental flashing releases of liquids at high pressure, and to enhance the predictive capabilities of engineering tools used in hazard assessment. Flammable atmospheres con

Process industry is challenged to produce higher product yields at lower costs and less waste while maintaining safety. Sustainable growth requires more partialoxidation of hydrocarbons and biomass. Such developments will increase explosion risk. Ris

Legislation & Standardisation

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Web Links

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CFD online
CFD Online is a web portal for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Collection of links to electronic information related to Computational Fluid Dynamics. The aim is to give an overview of the vast resources available on the net for people working wi

CFD Review
CFD Review is a news/support/information clearinghouse for the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) community. It is a place where the CFD community can learn about the latest developments in CFD technology, read about interesting applications, post qu

Chalmers University of Technology
Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden Mainly information about the program that students can follow at the university. Interesting programs are: Safety and Environmental Aspects in Process Engineering http://www.kat.chalmers.se/u

Explosion Dynamics Laboratory - California Institute of Technology
The themes of research are experimental, analytical, and numerical studies of the chemistry and physics of explosions. Current and part research topics include detonation, flammability, flames, deflagration-to-detonation transition, applications to p

Understanding turbulence - Living mathematics plus magazine
Application example of Fluid Dynamics: Aircraft turbulence is just one of the phenomena that Fluid Dynamics seeks to explain. By solving suitable equations, mathematicians can create computer simulations of observed cases of turbulence.


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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Dynamic optimisation

Modelling, simulation and optimisation

Thermal radiation (Modelling, simulation and optimisation)

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Basic math & statistics

Boiling point

Chemical kinetics

Combustion models


Enthalpy of reaction

Fluid flow

Heat capacity

Heat transfer coefficient

Heat transfer for chemical reactions

Human Factors (or Human Factors Engineering)

Kinetic analysis

Laboratory process / Bench scale process

Lumping analysis

Mass transfer

Mesh generation

Normal boiling point

Process simulation


Surface tension

Thermal reaction number B

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