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Thermal Explosion Theory

Thermal unstable substances

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A primary consistency test for saturated liquid and vapour property data for use in the integral multiphysics modelling of chemical reactor venting

Application of Safety Measures

Available training pages

Basic Reactor Assessment Model

Batch Reactor (BR)

Characteristic Numbers

Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR)

Desk screening - Public Literature

Desktop methods - reactive groups

Exploring your process activities

Fuel 4

Hazards to assess


On the applicability of laboratory heterogeneous liquid-liquid phase reaction kinetic data for technical scale relief vent sizing


Safety data

Safety measures

Screening Methods

Screening Tests: atmosphere inside the crucible

Screening Tests: scanning rate

Semi-Batch Reactor (SBR)


Stoessel Diagram


Tests - Burning Rate

Tests - Steel Cartridge Test

Resources / Downloads

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Introduction to the systematic assessment of thermal risks of chemical reactions

S2S - Technical report on measurement methods of physicochemical properties

THASS - Thermal Analysis & Surface Solutions GmbH

Thermal Safety Software (TSS) - CISP

Research projects

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Burning rate and thermal distribution on fires of hydrocarbon stores
Burning rate and thermal distribution on fires of hydrocarbon stores.

Evolution of the norm about work accidents and professional diseases
Limit values of the professional exposure and biological limits for chemical agents in the workplace, measurement and control. Evolution of the norm about work accidents and professional diseases.

Generalized criteria for assessing thermal stability of discontinuous reactors? Doctoral Thesis
The thesis has been undertaken with the main purpose of developing intrinsic criterion that would allow the prevention of thermal runaway for any process carried out in discontinuous reactors (batch and semi-batch processes). Intrinsic criteria, b

Design, Prototype and Manufacture a helmet system for Fire-fighters, equipped with a high resolution, miniature, viewer and an autonomous, portable, computer system capable of presenting, overlapped to the normal viewing field of the user, images fro

Methodologies for thermal risk analysis of discontinuous chemical processes (Metodologies per l?an?lisi del risc t?rmic de processos qu?mic discontinues) ? Doctoral Thesis
The project presents a comparative analysis of methodologies to realise studies on thermal security of chemical reactions, in discontinuous mode, currently used in several research centres. Furthermore, the project presents an analysis of its use bas

Methodologies for thermal risk analysis of discontinuous chemical processes (Metodologies per l?an?lisi del risc t?rmic de processos qu?mics discontinus) ? Doctoral Thesis
The objective of the present project is to solve the safety problems existing in the main fine chemicals discontinous processes. In the approved projects PB98-0410 and PPQ2002-01806, the main target of the work was is obtaining of macrocyclic lactone

Methodology to thermal risk analysis for discontinuous chemical process
Methodology to thermal risk analysis for discontinuous chemical process.

Innovative polypropylene nanocomposites will be developed for automotive and electronics applications. Nanocomposites will be prepared by exfoliation of modified nanometer-thick clay platelets in both virgin and modified polypropylenes. Innovative, e

Prediction on safety work conditions and design for discontinuous chemical reactors and stores that have a thermal explosion risk
Prediction on safety work conditions and design for discontinuous chemical reactors and stores that have a thermal explosion risk.

Legislation & Standardisation

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Web Links

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Chalmers University of Technology
Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden Mainly information about the program that students can follow at the university. Interesting programs are: Safety and Environmental Aspects in Process Engineering http://www.kat.chalmers.se/u

Inherent Safety - TAMU
Inherent Safety - Introduction, Principles, Benefits and Problems, Measurement and Indices.

International Confederation for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (ICTAC)
ICTAC has the aim of promoting international understanding and cooperation in these branches of science through activities within its Scientific Committees, congresses to exchange information, and coordinating efforts towards standardization and nome

Netzsch Thermal Analysis

Steady-State Non-Isothermal Reactor Design
This apge shows you how is the Steady-State Non-Isothermal Reactor Design Lecture (with audio explanation)

TA Instruments
TA Instruments says it is the world leader in thermal analysis and rheometer systems.

Thermal Radiation
Explanation of thermal radiation from hot surfaces

Thermal Safety Software (TSS) from ChemInform Saint Petersburg Ltd.
Some software calculation tools for process safety. Assessing Thermal Hazards of Chemical Processes.


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Adiabatic measurement method

Differential thermal analysis (DTA)

Explosion parameters (Measurement methods)

Isoperibolic measurement method


Isothermal calorimetry

Isothermal measurement method

Measurement and control instrumentation

Measurement and estimation techniques

Measurement methods

Measurement methods in industrial fires

Measurement on explosions

Thermal activity monitoring system (TAMS)

Thermal analysis and Calorimetry

Thermal inertia Φ

Thermal Instruments

Thermal radiation (Consequence evaluation)

Thermal radiation (Modelling, simulation and optimisation)

Thermal reaction number B

Thermal stability

Thermal stability measurement

Thermal susceptibility

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Adiabatic calorimetry

Adiabatic decomposition temperature for 24 hrs (ADT24)

Calvet calorimetry

Carius tube

Chemical hazard

Closed cell experiment

Concept and magnitudes that can be found in MSDS

Data on chemicals and chemical reactions

Decomposition onset temperature

Decomposition reactions

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)

Drop calorimetry

Dynamic optimisation

Energy potential

Exothermic decomposition (bulk deposit)-Temperature of ignition of emitted gases.

Explosion parameters

Fire detection

Heat balance calorimetry

Heat capacity

Heat of decomposition

Heat of reaction

Heat transfer for chemical reactions

High pressure crucibles

Isoperibolic calorimetry

Laboratory process / Bench scale process

Methods for the determination of physico-chemical properties


Modulated differential scanning calorimetry (mDSC)

Normal boiling point

Open cell experiment

Open crucibles

Protection/Mitigation of runaway reactions

Protective clothing

Quenching / Dumping

Rate of heat release

Reaction calorimetry (RC)

Reaction with water


Safety cabinets

Screening methods & classification

Smoke development

Temperature mode


Time to maximum rate (TMRad)

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