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⇒ "Why do I need to look more closely to safety in my company?"

This might be the first thought coming to your mind when you look at this page.
You might say "No, I don't need to because my company is too small to have any serious accident and nothing dangerous has ever happened." Next to that you think that safety measures are too expensive, only important for big companies and too complicated for non-experts. Before we look more closely at your arguments we want to confront you with the topic safety and hazards in the chemical industry by showing you some pictures:


The pictures you see above represent worst cases like the accidents that occurred at Bophal, Enschede and Toulouse. Accidents in industry still kill and injure hundreds of people every year. The prevention of accidents at work must be a key priority for everyone.

But let?s come back to your arguments:

?My company is too small to have any serious accident?

One mistake is to believe that serious accidents only can happen in large plants. However, the number of big companies is quite small compared to the number of accidents. Even a small amount of substance can cause critical conditions and lead to a hazardous situation. You must be aware that serious accidents can even happen in YOUR company and even a small incident can lead to serious danger for your employees and colleagues.

?Nothing dangerous has ever happend?

The second mistake is to think that your process is safe when you do not know what can happen. This training tool will help you and the employees in your company to identify possible hazards. One of theses hazards can be the decomposition of substance because of an undesired temperature rise. If one never looked at the process or substances at higher temperature, because under normal conditions this is not reached, then one does not know the hazards and their risks.  A first assessment can be made by using the ?assessment tool?.  

??safety measures are too expensive?

This is the third point and a common mistake. Implementing safety measures doesn?t have to be expensive. There are simple ways to ensure the safety of your process which are easy to understand and are achievable. Finally, you have to consider the costs of an incident where even one employee is injured or your  product is damaged. You can find some principal measures and safety concepts in the training tool and in the assessment section.

??only important for big companies?

Yes, you are right, as long as you change the word ?only? to ?also?.

Big companies produce  many different products in large quantities so that even the handling of a large inventory of hazard material raises the hazard potential. Next to that the degree of the hazardous property has to be considered when you look at the risk. So, even a small amount of material can lead to serious danger for your employees and colleagues. 


?..too complicated for non-experts?

We are sorry to say this, but it?s a mistake to believe that being safety is too complicated. Just spend a few minutes and have a closer look to the training tool which you are reading right now. The aim of this training tool is to help people to learn about possible hazards, safety measures for prevention and mitigation. You can use the training tool as a stand-alone course or you can combine it with the assessment tool. Both sections are linked to each other in order to provide as much information as possible.

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