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American Institute of Chemical Engineers
A checklist for inherently safer chemical reaction process design and operation

Chemical Industry Federation of Finland
The chemical industry is the third largest branch of industry in Finland after the forest industry and the metal, engineering and electronics industry in terms of both gross output and value added. The site provides information about the state of the chemical industry in Finland, together with relevant links.

Expert Commission for Safety in the Swiss Chemical Industry
Publications and Seminars about Safety ind Chemical Industry

HARSNET - Thematic network on hazard assessment of highly reactive systems
An extensive forum within which universities, research centres and industries collaborate to develop and disseminate fundamental knowledge that can be used for hazard assessment of reactive systems, in order to improve the global safety of the chemical industry. HarsNet is supported by the Industrial and Materials Technologies Programme of the European Commission (Brite EuRam, Project number: BET2-0572) http://www.harsnet.de/

incom explosionsschutz
Products for explosion protection.

Industrial safety talk
Collection of news and informations about safety equipment, mangaement ..... from industrie , regulatory authority/government

International Confederation for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (ICTAC)
ICTAC has the aim of promoting international understanding and cooperation in these branches of science through activities within its Scientific Committees, congresses to exchange information, and coordinating efforts towards standardization and nomenclature.

Products for fire protection (extinguishers, hose accessories, blankets and associated 'portable' equipment).

Plant Maintenance Resource Center
The Plant Maintenance Resource Center is the premier web resource for industrial Maintenance professionals. It includes links to maintenance consultants, CMMS and maintenance software, CMMS vendors, maintenance conferences and conference papers, articles on maintenance, and many other valuable resources.

Safetynet - A Network on Process Safety
The objective of Safetynet is to set up a common European information market for process safety. Safetynet has been developed from Oct. 1998 - Sep. 2001 and was funded by the European Commission (BRRT-CT98-5062.)

SYSTAG top of technology
Information on reaction calorimeters and calorimetry

University of Ulster's Fire Safety Engineering Research & Technology Centre
Institute of Fire Safety Engineering Research and Technology (FireSERT) combines a multi-disciplined team of scientists and engineers in an unique laboratory facility. Facilities for research and related activities at FireSERT include a 600m2 burn hall, a range of calorimeters including a ten-megawatt facility for full-scale research. Large-scale combination wall and floor furnaces.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Chemistry Department
Demos of diverse laboratory experiments related to chemical aspects

Wiley VCH Publishers
Gives the table of contents related to plant and process safety of Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

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