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Activation energy
Adiabatic calorimetry
Adiabatic decomposition temperature for 24 hrs (ADT24)
Adiabatic measurement method
Adiabatic temperature course
Adiabatic temperature rise
Arrhenius diagram
Arrhenius law
Basic concepts
Batch process
Boiling point
Bomb calorimetry
Burning rate
Calvet calorimetry
Carius tube
Catalysis by impurities
Chemical compatibility
Closed cell experiment
Combustible fraction in materials
Combustion characteristics
Cooling capacity
DIERS methodology
Data on chemicals and chemical reactions
Decomposition onset temperature
Decomposition products
Decomposition temperature
Dewar calorimetry
Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
Differential thermal analysis (DTA)
Drop calorimetry
Electrical resistivity of a layer
Energy potential
Enthalpy of reaction
Evaporative cooling
Exothermic decomposition (bulk deposit)-Temperature of ignition of emitted gases.
Explosion behaviour
Explosion parameters (Measurement methods)
Explosion severity
Explosive properties
Fire resistance
Flame spread
Flammability - Pyrophoric properties of solids and liquids(contact with water causing fire)
Flammability (gases)
Flammability (solids)
Flash point
Flash point (1)
Frequency factor
Friction Sensitivity
Gases and vapours from liquids
Heat accumulation
Heat balance calorimetry
Heat capacity
Heat compensation calorimetry
Heat flow calorimetry
Heat of decomposition
Heat of reaction
Heat radiation
High pressure crucibles
Ideal gas constant
Ideal gas law
Ignitibility by small flames
Ignition characteristics
Ignition parameters
Ignition sensivity
Impact sensitivity (layer or deposit)
Isoperibolic calorimetry
Isoperibolic measurement method
Isothermal calorimetry
Isothermal measurement method
Kmax-value or Kst-value
Limiting oxygen concentration (LOC)
Linearly increasing temperature method
Low and high temperature exposure
Lower Explosible Limit (LEL)
Maciejasz Index (MI)
Maximum experimental safe gap (MESG)
Maximum explosion pressure (Pmax)
Maximum pressure rise rate
Maximum rate of pressure rise
Maximum temperature attainable by the synthesis reaction (MTSR)
Maximum temperature rise rate
Measurement and estimation techniques
Measurement methods
Measurement methods in industrial fires
Measurement on explosions
Melting / freezing temperature
Methods for the determination of physico-chemical properties
Minimum Autoignition Temperature (MAIT)
Minimum explosive concentration (MEC) or Lower explosive limit (LIE)
Minimum ignition current (MIC)
Minimum ignition energy (MIE)
Minimum ignition temperature (MIT layer and cloud)
Minimum ignition temperature (MIT)
Modulated differential scanning calorimetry (mDSC)
Normal boiling point
Open cell experiment
Open crucibles
Oscillating differential scanning calorimetry (oDSC)
Oxidizing properties (solids)
Particle size
Partition coefficient
Partition rate
Pressure at maximum rise rate
Radiation heat loss
Rate of gas production
Rate of heat release
Rate of reaction
Reaction calorimetry (RC)
Reaction with water
Relative density
Self-heating rate
Self-ignition of stored materials
Self-ignition temperature (SIT)
Semi-batch process
Shock sensitivity
Smoke contents
Smoke development
Smoke spread
Specific heat capacity
Specific latent heat of fusion
Specific latent heat of vaporisation
Sphere - 20-litre
Surface tension
Thermal activity monitoring system (TAMS)
Thermal analysis and Calorimetry
Thermal stability
Thermal stability measurement
Thermal susceptibility
Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)
Time to maximum rate (TMRad)
Upper Explosion Limit (UEL)
Vapour density
Vapour pressure
Vessel - 1 m?
Water solubility
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